You can book the Town Hall and Market Place for your events.

The Market Place and Town Hall are booked at weekly, monthly and annual intervals for regular events.  

Regular users at the Town Hall include:

  •    Zumba Fitness
  •    Dursley and Cam Society
  •    Music Concerts


Regular weekly traders at the Market Place include:
  •    Hardware and gifts
  •    Clothes


Regular monthly traders at the Market Place include:
  •    Bedding and Towels
  •    Gold Buyers


Regular Markets include:
  •    Farmers Market - every second Saturday in the month, except in January and February
  •    Craft Market - every month
  •    Italian Market - every July
  •    Christmas Market - every November

We welcome new bookings from occasional or regular users.

For enquiries about bookings for the Town Hall or Market Place, please contact the Custodian, Eve Squire c/o Daisy Belle Floral Design, 62 Parsonage Street, Dursley GL11 4AA.  Tel 01453 548535.

 Please copy and print the booking form below: