Heritage Centre


Since the completion of the Heritage Centre in 2005, the volunteer staff have assembled a wide-ranging collection of historical items specific to Dursley, with locally-made objects including a 19th Century printing press, Pederson hammock bicycle and Lister Autotruck. There are numerous images, documents and memorabilia.  Regular special displays are mounted, describing particular events;  examples have included The Great Fire of Dursley, Mumming and the Great War, all with emphasis on the impact on and experiences of Dursley people.  The Centre has over 1500 visitors per year, both local and from farther afield including some from overseas.  Heritage Centre members get involved with the running of the Centre and work on the historical artefacts as well as taking turns on the staffing rota. The Centre is open 10.30am -12.30pm, Tuesday to Saturday, except in January when it opens only on Saturdays.  If you are interested in joining the team of volunteers, contact Andy Barton, Chairman, on 01453 549323.