Jacob's House


Jacob and Elizabeth Stiff built the Weaver's House in about 1715, indicated by the plaque on the front wall.  Jacob was Bailiff of the town in 1740.  The building design reflects its probable use as a weaving shed, with airy rooms to house the looms and large windows to give light.  Its Grade II listing refers to features rare in Gloucestershire buildings, the sunburst motif on the north side and diamond design on the west.  The Weaver's House was originally at the end of the garden belonging to Wilkes' shop fronting the Market Place, and when the shop was demolished for a road-widening scheme, Weaver's (Jacob's) House was exposed in splendid isolation.

After lying derelict and in disrepair for many years the House was given to the Town Trust by Stroud District Council in 1999.   Refurbishment in 2002 offered the opportunity of creating the adjoining Heritage Centre as a new structure.

Jacob's House is now used as the offices of the Dursley Town Council www.dursleytowncouncil.gov.uk.