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10 December 2013

The bell was rehung today in the bell tower atop the Town Hall.  A new stock has been made to replace the original which will be kept in the Heritage Centre.  The clapper will not be replaced and the bell no longer rung, to avoid stressing the repairs.


10 December 2013 

The internal and external fabric of the Town Hall was refurbished.  A stonemason replaced decayed stone elements of the window surround on the east elevation, and some timber subframes were renewed.  Damaged tiles and flashing were renewed to prevent rain damage.  At all stages we remained sensitive to the historic accuracy of the finished repairs, in keeping with English Heritage requirements.  This extended to colour matching of the paint for the Queen Anne effigy and Estcourt coat-of-arms.  After the structural repairs, the building was painted inside and out.

24 March 2014

The Lift Fund Appeal was launched formally on 22 March at 10 am by the Mayor of Dursley, Jane Ball. A fund "thermometer" in the shape of a lift was unveiled and helium balloons released.  Tea, coffee and lift-shaped cake were then offered to spectators.  The event was covered by the local press, supplementing a front-page article that had already appeared in the Gazette on 20 March.

14 May 2014

Waitrose presented a cheque for £210 for the Lift Fund, at a gathering of a number of recipient charities at the Stroud store on 14 May 2014.  The Trust was represented by Cath Pierce (fourth from right in the picture below) and Jen Hart (sixth from right).  Thanks to Waitrose's Community Champion, Wendy Light (first on the left).



25 November 2017

Gerry Pierce and Steve Hart attended an event at the Co-op store at South Cerney to receive a cheque £1892 from the Co-op Community Fund.  Thanks to the Co-op staff Steve Saunders, Peter Smith, Kirsty Spall and Melo.

1 February 2019

The Trust has been awarded £3000 by The Summerfield Charitable Trust towards the costs of insulating the Town Hall loft, and installing secondary double glazing.  The annual electricity charges are over £2500, and so any measure to reduce the energy consumption of this 270 year-old building is welcome.  Thanks to Lavinia Sidgwick of Summerfield.

 13 July 2019 

As part of the Dursley Festival the Town Hall will be open to the public on Saturday, as will Jacobs House and the Heritage Centre.  The Town Hall upper room will display items and information reflecting the history of the town.